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Video Transcript
When I first started the company in San Diego, I got this uh opportunity to do this marketing on this beautiful house overlooking the ocean with this incredible pool. It was like a waterfall coming behind the master bedroom under the bed out to the pool and then there's the ocean and I was like. Oh you've got to be kidding me and so we I'm photography and I had them. We're guiding the photographers. We could all said and done. We put together this eight page brochure that is just to die for. We bring it to the home and it's it's like we shot the children I was. What in the world? What like what did I do wrong and they go you missed the most important shot of the house. I'm like well, What is that when you see that little table with the two chairs right there in front of that little tiny window, That's where we sit every morning and have coffee and watch the ocean and you missed it.