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Video Transcript
High High Apartment Apartment Therapy Therapy Therapy Therapy I'm I'm I'm Amanda Amanda Amanda. Amanda and and and this is Lady Lady Bird Bird Bird Lady Lady Lady. Bird Bird is is is named named named. named after after after my my my great great great Aunt Lady Bird. Bird. She She was was a a a strong strong strong eccentric eccentric eccentric eccentric character. character character character with with with with a. a a a fantastic fantastic fantastic sense of style and and design. design. design. We'll We'll start start in in in. in my my my living living living area. I wanted wanted lots lots of of of space space space for for for for seating. seating. seating. seating. I I I didn't didn't didn't didn't want want want want people people. people people to to to be be be afraid to visit me just just because because it's it's a a tiny tiny tiny House House House. each. each each each side side side pulls pulls pulls out. out out out and and and becomes becomes becomes a sleeping area area if if you'd you'd you'd like like like to to to stay stay stay stay over over over. over over or or or or have have have have a. a a a movie movie movie night. night. night, I know I wasn't going to have a lot. Space for decorative items or sentimental items so everything that's here is very important to me. I have my grandmother's glassware couple of board games, my parents record collection and some other items from the family. welcome to my kitchen. I still wanted a full size stove plenty of room to cook and I did not wanna wash all the dishes myself, so I did a little mini dishwasher lots of storage for food and cooking items, dishware serving and everything like that next to my washer and dryer. Is gonna be my little closet plenty of room for me and we'll come back around to the dining area wanted seating for six people if I needed to feed them, We've had Thanksgiving dinner here with 11 people and various seating areas. This is not just the dining area, but it's also where I get ready in the morning. All of my make up everything is in here. Plenty of outlets for hair dryers, curling iron anything that I wanna use in the morning and then it closes right back away. One -A full-sized bathroom and make sure from the time that I started drawing this House on paper that I can have a real tub because it's not anything I wanted to live without these are probably my favorite cabinets in the whole House. They hold an absolute ton. There's two of them on my towels. everything that I need to get ready on my jewelries in here and then they just disappear into the Wall. This is my cozy little bedroom space. I've got about four feet on one side and it dips down to. I think about two and a half feet on the other side of an Egress window above my bed. I got a TV in the corner and one of my favorite features of the whole House is my fiber optic Starlight ceiling. It's absolutely beautiful in the dark. My great aunt and the other strong Southern women in my family along with my patients saint of a father. I encouraged me to follow my dreams even when they might follow a different path than others.
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